The SINGING SERPENT TAROT is a full deck of 78 cards professionally printed from hand drawn pen and ink designs. It is a limited edition exclusively available from the artist. A home printed little white book comes with the deck which is packaged in a glossy custom box and a black organza bag is also included. The box and deck are quality printed -  the deck on 310 premium linen cardstock and is standard Tarot size and shrink wrapped. The first edition is limited to just 100 copies and each copy is signed and numbered.









The SINGING SERPENT TAROT book is a fully illustrated 130 page companion guide incorporating card meanings, spreads, instruction and essays. It is a professionally printed 5x8 perfect bound softcover book with glossy cover.

All copies are signed by the artist/writer.

Major Arcana

Deck consists of eighty cards in total:

Title Card

Two information cards.

Twenty- two Major Arcana cards

Fifty- six Minor Arcana cards.






Numbered & Signed

Book Cover

Card  Back


Minor Arcana

© Copyright of Eleanor Boyce

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The Song the Serpent sings is often a hushed and remote whisper in the dark, barely audible, drowned by a cacophony of other sounds. At times it is a vibrant urgent calling and, on occasion, a beauteous melody underscoring our existence. It is carried on the breath of a wind, the dance of a wave upon sand, a flicker of a flame, in the beat of a heart and upon a flap of a moth’s wing.


It is everywhere and nowhere in particular, ancient, primal, constant and eternal, a Song that remains forever the same.  It is the Soul Song,  Spirit Song,  Deep Self Song  and this Song belongs to us all - we need only but listen, learn and sing along.


The Serpent is wisdom supreme. She dances - rising, falling, coiling and swirling in ever changing intricate patterning, shedding skins and re-birthing anew, slithering through transformations with a watchful reptilian eye. Beneath the kaleidoscopic turbulence of life, the moods, mirages and meanderings of mind, She moves and bids us listen, bids us follow.


Title Card