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Deck consists of a total of twenty-four cards:

One title card

Three info. cards

Twenty oracle cards.

A glossy eight-fold concertina pamphlet.

Customised box

Black organza bag.



The Cards

© Copyright of Eleanor Boyce

Title Card

& Box

OGHAM (pronounced 'Oh-m' or 'Oh-wam') is an enigmatic and compelling jewel in the legacy of the Celtic races. The ancient Celtic Ogham system has been, and is still, used as a language, magickal system, calendar and divination tool. The OGHAM MOON ORACLE presents the Ogham in an elegant and stylish form. Here are twenty cards for divination together with a glossy instructional pamphlet with meanings and spreads, along with additional information cards on Ogham language, the more recent Moon Calendar and more.


The illustrations have been executed by hand in pen and ink and portray a choreographed sacred dance weaving through the Ogham sequence. Each card depicts the associated tree, Ogham few, Celtic and English name.


The deck is a delux large format deck 3.5" x 5.75" (8.9cm x 14.6cm)  professionally printed on premium 330gsm black core smooth card stock presented in a glossy customised box together with an eight fold glossy concertina pamphlet, plus a black organza bag. 



Info. Cards


Card Back

Pamphlet design (minus the text).