When many artists in the latter half of the Victorian era, and a little beyond, were preoccupied with form and the effects of sunlight upon their surroundings, others were delving into the deeper twilight worlds of imagination, dreams, myths and the occult. It is to these latter artists I pay homage by creating a Tarot deck showcasing and celebrating their work. Works are carefully selected from the Aesthetic, Pre-Rahaelite, Symbolist,  Decadent and Art Nouvea Movements, not only for their aptness for particular Tarot cards, but also on account of their sheer beauty and power.


The DECADENT DREAM TAROT deck is quality printed on standard Tarot size 2.75" x 4.75" smooth finish 300gm card stock. It is shrink wrapped and comes shrink wrapped with a black organza draw string bag.


The DECADENT DREAM companion guide is a larger than average 6.5 x 9.5" perfect bound paperback, 60 pages. The book is fully illustrated with all of the card images, vignettes, decorative flourishes and borders by the artists featured on the cards and their contemporaries, including William Morris and Aubrey Beardsley. Information about the period and the selected and related  movements drawn from is given, details on each artist,  in addition to an essay on the Tarot, card expositions,  etc. The cost of producing such a book in full colour would put this Tarot deck out of reach for most folks, therefore, it will be designed in black/white and grayscale, with the cover in full colour.  



Major Arcana

Title Card  

Deck consists of eighty cards in total:

Title Card

Two information cards.

Twenty- two Major Arcana cards

Fifty- six Minor Arcana cards.





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Intro Card

Card  Back




Minor Arcana

Book Cover & Pages

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© Copyright of Eleanor Boyce

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