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For the love of Tarot ...

Eleanor Boyce M.A. (dis.)





Here is a cauldron-container for my creative work with Tarot and Oracle which has grown far beyond my first intentions of creating a singular deck simply for the thrill of seeing it in print. So much has it grown, and so much is it likely to grow further, that this exclusive pot-to-put-me-in called to be formed.


My love for Tarot is long standing. Many, many moons ago I was introduced to the Tarot and it became a life companion. Almost simultaneously upon viewing it for the first time, the desire to create my own deck arose. I have started and stopped over the years, with not one attempt ever getting further than seven cards, until 2014 when Singing Serpent Tarot was completed and published.


Many artists are attracted to the Tarot for obvious reasons, especially those with a magickal/spiritual bent. There is no doubt a significant number of artists and illustrators from the past would surely have been equally desirous of creating Tarot decks. This is one reason why, together with those of my own art and the art/music/writer collaborations, I have chosen to produce decks featuring the work of selected past masters (specifically works from 1850-1950). It is a priviledge to have the means to be able to honour, celebrate and bring their work to a more contemporary public in such a way.


An excursion from Tarot into Oracle offers additional paths of experimentation and exploration without the strictures. Since both are, fundamentally, a means of facilitating self-discovery and the expansion of awareness, both are included here.


All decks to date may be purchased direct from NAKTHAG TAROT STUDIO, the 'Norned' branch of  Nakthag.com and Nakthag  store on Etsy. The KHAOAMUSICA Tarot is the first collaborative project and has its own website where it may also be purchased.


Since this is a home-spun enterprise these are not mass-produced decks and neither are they mass-marketed. Consequently, they are more expensive to produce and rely (almost entirely) upon cyber communication for exposure. To make them more special all decks/CDs/books are either limited editions, or have a low initial print run which may or may not be repeated. To the discerning collector, decks/CDs/books produced and distributed by NAKTHAG TAROT STUDIO are an investment.


Soon to be published and decks in progress may be viewed and, in the case of the latter, their development followed. A click on the appropriate image on the Home page will reveal all images and details of individual decks.


In the meantime, I endeavour to create the most beautiful decks I can, simply as labours of love.






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Painter, sculptor, illustrator and writer. Lives and works in North Yorkshire, England, where the wild moors meet the sea and wind howls through trees.


A practising shaman-sorcerer, witch, and a professional Tarot reader.


Studied and lectured in both Fine Art and Contemporary Theatre. Has  undertook extensive research into the seminal Ankoku Buto (Dance of Utter Darkness).  


Original in-house artist for record companies Ebony, Lambs to the Slaughter and Peninsular.


One time editor and publisher of quarterly journals, Ocular and Masque, a variety of writings and illustrations having been published on the small press circuit.


Lover of Cocker Spaniels!




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